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Residential Academy

RFC Football Residential Academy

The RFC Residential Football Academy is an elite training platform designed to nurture U13, U15 and U18 talent across the country. The immersive football education programme is based on a sports-science curriculum that accentuates player skills, techniques and tactics, transforming passion to performance on the turf. Our international grade pitch at Bangalore’s iconic Brigade Orchards, Devanahalli, is where the finest coaching panel and international trainers meet everyday to help every athlete rise above his or her potential.
Why us?

  • We stand for development of talent
  • We stand for development of values

Core Pillars

  • Coaching team
  • Infrastructure
  • Sports-Science approach
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Why choose us?

What we provide

  • Football

    Sports Science Approach

    Our entire coaching curriculum is enhanced by the sport-science approach. What is means is that we don’t look at football training only as on-the-field exercise, but give importance to player analysis and overall technical construct. We believe that attention to each player's individual nuances is crucial in making him the best version of a footballer that he can be.

  • Performance Analysis

    Comprehensive analytics of each player’s performance are tracked and used to understand his growth and potential for improvement. Analysts work with our coaches to develop a full-scale framework and derive useful training and performance measures that will enhance the player’s game. Historical data of each player is gathered to monitor progress, which will help the student in the future.

  • Football


    A sound and strong mindset is imperative for a player to develop to his best ability. After all, a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand. The players are frequently subjected to confidence building activities, which not only help build the right temperament, but also gain motivation and resilience. Football, as a sport, requires dedication and concentration and RFC Football Academy spares no effort to inspire every student of ours. A lot of emphasis is laid on the psychological development of the students by developing foundational values, which have a direct impact on their performance on the field.

  • Nutrition

    The Sport Science team advises players on the optimum nutritional regime that will allow for superior performance, ideal game preparation and recovery.

  • Football

    Football Curriculum

    The entire football training programme is broken down into Physical, Technical and Tactical & Mental programming. The players are subjected to all the stages in cycles with the required intervals, that are determined to suit each individual player.

  • Physical Programming

    A youth (6-12 years) or adolescent (12-19 years) athlete goes through many physical changes due to the natural growth and development process. These changes invariably affect the ability of the child to keep up to and build on his current performance. Fortunately, these changes can be checked and navigated if correct decisions for long-term athletic development are made during this time period. Strength and conditioning training can provide a stable foundation for a lifetime of movement making the child more agile and fit.

  • Football

    Technical Programming

    The players are exposed to various techniques to perfect skills at different levels as mentioned below. Specific drills are designed by our team to train players and help them gain both basic and intricate skills.

  • Tactical & Mental Programming

    Our coaches work with individual players and in close proximity to understand and monitor each of them. Breakdown of Stages 1. They learn how to implement the practiced skills in a controlled environment with sided games and innovative drills. 2. They learn how to implement the picked up skills in competitive practice matches. 3. They are taught how to play matches in various team formats -> competitive matches -> knockout competitions Cup competitions Leagues The primary goal of the programming breakdown is to train the players to last an entire competitive game, which is energy extensive.

  • Facilities

    State-Of-The-Art Venue

    Combination of a safe, secure and welcoming environment and high quality modern football facilities that can nurture talent and personalities. In line with our mission, we provide an environment that will stimulate growth and enable the Players to explore their full potential

  • Facilities

    Fitness Centre,swimming pool

  • Education

    We Provide the best education

    We, at RFC Football Academy, emphasize on all-round development of young students, which includes both sporting and academic prowess. Our approach to training young players is holistic – they are taught not just how to play, but also to live a life that goes beyond football, where academics as well as soft-skills, is paramount.

  • About the institution and Syllabus

    Courses offered • Middle and High school under – ICSE curriculum • Middle and High school under – CBSE curriculum • Pre University Detailed information on each academic institution can be provided upon request. Our team will assist in setting up meetings/information sessions with each school as well as with the enrollment process.

  • Exposure


    If the athlete is consistent and performs regularly , he/she will be given an opportunity in our U13,U15,U18 I league teams. Other than this the athletes will play competitive matches throughout the year with different academies and clubs

  • Workshops

    Regular workshops are organized by us. We understand the importance of International Exposure for our students, hence they are given the opportunity to train with UEFA and FIFA certified coaches during these workshops.

Meet our expert Coaching Staff

Our Trainers

  • Head Coach
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    ■ UEFA license coach
    ■ Professional playing career in Portugal
    ■ Sports sciences degree from Portugal
    ■ Biokinetics master - Portugal

  • Technical Director
    football academy in india

    ■ UEFA ‘B’ License coach
    ■ Professional playing career in Brazil , Portugal , Belgium , Croatia , Serbia
    ■ Head coach Portugal National team - 2014 and 2017 ■ Technical scout - Sporting Portugal ■ Official Sporting Lisbon Scouter ■ Operationalization of GK training from Manchester United Football Club

Residential Academy Facilities

Oppurtunities and results

Development of our students

Age Group Results Opportunities
12-14 Years Game maturity and tactical programming. Playing 5vs5, 6vs6 and 7vs7 and 11vs11 Play in various age group categories in local tournaments and leagues.
14-16 Years Competition maturity, grid coaching. Signing of youth/amatuer contracts with the Rebels Football Club.
16 and Above Optimal maturity, understanding the game. Participation in tournament and league competitions across an entire season/year Player representation with I-League and ISL Clubs through various Talent Management Agencies.

Who we are

Our Goals

Our Mission

To bring a paradigm shift in the way football players are nurtured in the country, by providing them a competitive platform and an environment that is conducive to their growth and effectively maximize their potential. By imbibing in them the right training practices through professional guidance whilst not compromising on the academics, we believe that we can inspire a generation of footballers who carry the right attitude on and off the field.

Our Vision

To be an academy par excellence which provides world class footballers to the top football clubs in the world.

Our Philosophy

Encouragement to play high-pressing football with consistency and endurance Impeccable team coordination governed by fair play and forethought. Imbibing the spirit of respect, fraternity, perseverance to go hand-in-hand with passion for the sport. Provide a platform for home-grown talent to advance naturally to senior levels. Focus not only on producing footballers of the finest quality, but also on grooming them to be well educated citizens. Focus on innovative approach to develop footballers which trickles down to technical and tactical ability.

Footieculture is an organization started by footballers, committed to develop the sport, inducing the much needed impetus for the current generation to pursue the sport of football. The long-term vision is to develop and nurture a professional environment that is complete, where the younger crop of Players can feel completely confident of pursuing football as a career. Footieculture, in its drive to promote the game, has hosted a series of camps for children and also curated South India’s biggest youth football tournament called Junior Soccer League (JSL). Footieculture is in the pursuit of not only developing football talent in the country, but also building an ecosystem that supports the overall football community.

RFC Football Academy derives its name from the Karnataka State C Division football team called Rebels Football Club. Founded in 2012, the Rebels Football Club has participated in various knockout and league-format tournaments held by the Karnataka State Football Association (KSFA). Rebels FC has continued to mark its presence in the competitive landscape of football tournaments by participating in tournaments like the Amateur League. The club gives us the opportunity to promote young talent via our academy leapfrogging them into the competitive leagues and tournaments that are hosted by the KSFA.

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