Football Curriculum

RFC Football Academy’s football curriculum is broken down into Physical, Technical and Tactical & Mental programming. The players go through these cycles at required intervals, customised according to age stages and individual needs.


Physical Programming

A young athlete goes through many physical changes as a part of the natural growth process which affects his ability and performance levels. These are assessed and corrected with strength training and conditioning for a lifetime of fitness.


Technical Programming

The players are trained in various techniques and skills at different levels. Specific drills are designed to help them gain both basic and intricate skills.

• First touch • Dribbling • Passing • Shooting • Heading • Ball Keeping • Tackling • Vision on ball • Running off the ball

Tactical Learning & Growth Cycle

A breakdown of focus areas in the player’s growth cycle

12-14 years

Results: Game maturity, tactical and multi-format games

Opportunities: Participation in local tournaments & leagues..

14-16 years

Results: Competition maturity and grid coaching.

Opportunities: Signing of youth/ amateur contract with clubs.

16+ years

Results: Participation in tournaments across a season.

Opportunities: Signing of youth/ amateur contract with clubs.

Core Pillars

Tactical & Mental Programming

Our coaches work closely with individual players via 3 modules to understand and monitor them and train them into prime athletes who can play any game format with energy, strength and tact.

● Module 1: Controlled environments with small sided games and innovative drills

● Module 2: Competitive practice matches

● Module 3: Game formats such as matches, knockouts, tournaments & leagues

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