Development Programmes & Objectives

U13 | U15 and U18


Development Programme

The athletes in this program will work closely with the coaches and the staff to learn all the skills required to play in competitive environments


Elite Development Programme

This program is for the athletes that have already been trained and played in top competitions. Here , the coaches will work towards to polishing the skills and work on the mental and physical conditioning to groom the players.


18 - 23 years

Development programme

Athletes who do not have exposure to competitive tournaments are given opportunities and conditioned to play.


Professional Clinics

The coaches will work on the aspect of the game that the athlete is weak for a small period of time ( 6-12 months )


International Exposure

Athletes who have prior competitive football experience work in our system and our scouting partners help the players to perform in International clubs. We work on establishing the personal maturity of the player.


Education on Careers

With training the athletes are educated with different career options in the sport of football and we also provide Internships for students in the academy to pursue the field they like.




Objectives of U13

• To follow structured curriculum that promotes skill development across all players.

• Repetition of technical skills that are essential in the development of players

• To Organise Small-sided and full-side games where players have a chance to use the skills that they learned during the week

• Create an enjoyable and exciting experience in every session so that each player continues to love the game of football

• Emphasize skill development in a non-competitive environment that encourages players to flourish while focusing on skill development.

• Emphasize quality and long-term benefits rather than short-term gain.

• Entering competitions like Baby league and practice matches with local academies. Preparing the athletes to play for I league.


Objectives of U15

• Emphasize on technical qualities

• Follow the curriculum built on laying of technical-tactical and psychological foundations

• Develop individual tactical awareness

• Practicing collective technique on the ball

• Emphasize on building the body of the athlete (Aerobic capacity, speed, suppleness)

• Participate and compete in the I league competition


Objectives of U18

• Focus on developing players according to their positions

• Reinforcing on the physical and athletics qualities acquired

• Emphasize on the emotional development of the game (Concentration, self-confidence and perseverance)

• Play competitive matches across India for exposure

• Look for opportunities to send players to play in foreign countries

• Educating the players on professionalism and career in football

• Participate and compete in I league competition

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