Kick-start your Future in Football

RFC Football Academy | Grassroots

The Most Entertaining, Skillful & Passionate Way to Learn Football

If you have the ability, talent and passion for football and dream of playing professionally, this is the right place! RFC Football Academy is where your potential and dreams will be nurtured with our unique training modules, trial events, national & international opportunities.


  • Experienced & Qualified Coaches
  • Transparency in the Training Methodology
  • Regular 11 a side practice matches 
  • Regular counselling sessions
  • Accessibility to our panel of experts
  • Scholarship programs
  • Scouting from top clubs
  • State-of-the-art Venues
  • Ideal Student to Coach Ratio
  • Complimentary Jerseys
  • Health check, Nutritional and Fitness Plans
  • Personality Development Programme

The Grassroots Programme

Our grassroots training programmes have an unique take on football training. The young players - boys and girls ranging from 6 to 16 years - foster a stronger connect with the game and their team through fun, team-oriented football. Trainers from RFC Football Academy’s core coaching team lead the sessions, subjecting the athletes to a complete development curve.

The focus is on skill training, nutritional mentoring and fitness as well as nurturing competition, confidence and a sense of fraternity, so that students see their passion for football as their vocation and their team as their family.


  • Individual holistic development
  • Technical & physical aspects
  • Friendly coaches
  • Safe environment
  • Mental conditioning Regular assessments
  • Exposure to competitive matches

Institutional Training Programme

The RFC Institutional Programme strengthens young football talent at partner schools across Bangalore with a strong sports-science-driven training curriculum, experienced support staff and dedicated year-round assistance. Our expert coaches get on the pitch with student athletes to mentor them to success on the pitch. Our programme currently empowers over 500 student-athletes across Bangalore and we are just getting started!