RFC Football Academy | Student Stories



I joined RFC in June 2019 and since then I have changed a lot in a good way. In discipline, manner, and Football. I feel much better and happier while playing and now I understand the difficulties living away from parents, and I have gotten more responsible for my actions. I look forward to coming back for a new season with RFC. And I thank all of you for teaching me these things.



Thank you giving me this opportunity. RFC was my first football academy and I can’t express what my experience was. It felt like I was living on my dream. Many different footballers, different skills and different talent. They inspires me to not to give up on anything. And Marco sir, he is also the person who inspire me. It was really an amazing experience and i improved a lot.



I thought that the academy has been a good learning experience for me. There are a lot of players, and so i have had to fight and stay patient for my opportunities. Having another coach or two would have been beneficial because it is difficult to be seen properly by just one coach. More games would also have been nice. The hostel and food was good along with most of the staff. I look forward to the future.



RFC Football Academy's coach educator has a great vision for us. I can positively say that I have improved enormously in the past year with the help of his guidance. The management has been very interactive and friendly with the student-athletes and have been open to suggestions from our side. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a platform to improve yourself as a football player and a person as a whole. 


Captain of the senior Team

RFC has helped me a lot over the past couple of years since I have joined the academy in my professional and other aspects too and in Rfc the overall development of a player is taken into consideration so it helped me to grow physically, psychologically, socially, mentally and helped me to take my game into next level and i can say an overall development as an athlete.

I started my football playing as winger but here in rfc coach (marco anjos) told me that my best position will be CDM as i have the characteristics of playing that position and he will be helping me to develop my game accordingly and since then i have improved a lot in that position and the coach was always there to help me out whenever and whatever the situation was in every possible way. So far the experience in the rfc has been great for me as it has been providing all the things require for a player to grow his game and develop a characteristic of an athlete which will always help us further when we will be moving to some other club or other place .



I think this is an the best ever football academy in India. I’m very much inspired from this. The all staff members at the academy are good. And the players in academy fabulous. I request all of you to be a part of this academy. I promise you will enjoy the facility and discipline of the academy. They are seriously working towards the development of football in India.



As a 15 year old rookie playing football in school tournament's I attended trials at rebels football club and Joined them with mixed feelings of what my future holds coach Marco , Coach Gabriel and coach mekala molded my footballing acumen where I was awarded best striker in "c DIVISION " and having faith in me to be playing in the senior team laurels came out way by winning adidas creators and playing INDIA'S ELITE SENIOR I-LEAGUE . RFC was one big family which made me a man out of a boy . My gratitude to the management team and my respect to the coaches and my love to my fellow teammates and a big shout out to the hostel team



In the beginning of my journey in RFC I faced a few setbacks due to my immature behaviour, under the guidance of Coach Marco I've not only developed as a player but also as a person. On a tactical basis he has taught me several different methods of playing this "beautiful game", and as a person he has taught me virtues such as honesty, maturity and being humble. Overall at RFC we're more than just a team, we're more like family.



Rfc is a developing academy with high aspirations. They have helped me develop my skills and playing style. They have good hostel facilities. There is a lot of talent in the academy.



After joining RFC I could improve my fitness and my game style. RFC is the perform platform for me to develop my game and reach higher level and also to play in our National colours 



RFC provides great facility to their players and it is one of the best emerging football club in Bangalore. The club help the players in every possible way. The members of RFC are very supportive and helpful in every way. 
The playing style in RFC is totally different from other clubs in India. RFC plays with European style which is the best playing style in football world. The quality of the training is at advanced level which helps the player to get better. The coaches in RFC are very skilled and experienced, they always help the players to improve and help to play good football. 
I learned many new things about football which helped me to get better as a football player, the training which I got in RFC helped me to progress. Every day was challenging for me and am getting better than ever.



Our coaches with international experience provide us with individual attention and great care to improve our game. I am very happy that we have gym and swimming sessions along with our football training. Above all I like our team bus in which the whole team travels together. I am confident RFC would improve my game and provide me with opportunities to become a professional footballer.



After Joining RFC I could improve my speed, ball control and stamina. RFC has helped me in gaining a lot of confidence to play in higher levels with any age category,RFC academy is creating a perfect future road map for my football carreer"



My experience of playing for RFC has been really good. Since I joined RFC, I have improved in many aspects of the game both mentally and physically. With the help of the coaches my game is a lot better today than the day I joined RFC. The coaches have always been helping me out to make me play the best I can, not only for me but for the development of the team. I have played in many different positions and that has also made me understand the role of every player in the team, so that I get to know what I should expect from my teammates when I pass them the ball. 

The management has also really helped me out. Whenever I have an issue I do not feel any hesitation to talk to any RFC staff member. They have really taken care of my studies, nutrition or anything I need and helped me out in the hostel so that I need not worry about anything while I am training on the pitch. After having completed one year in RFC I can say that I am a completely different and better player than when I joined RFC.