RFC Girls Football Academy | Frequently Asked Questions

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● Under-13: Born on or after 01-01-2007 ● Under-15: Born on or after 01-01-2005 ● Under-18: born on or after 01-01-2002 | Under-22: Born on or after 1998

A. Residential academy - Semi-professional to professionals (Age Group: 10 - 22).
B. Grassroots centres - Amateur to semi-professional (Age Group: 6 - 16).
C. Special Clinics Camps (All Age Groups).

● We focus on grooming talent by providing the best possible facilities and mentor ship. We create an ecosystem which is optimal for a player to develop and maintain their skills. 
Our Technical Director is a UEFA license coach who has personally groomed players who are playing in Brazil, Argentina and Europe. He was also a scout for one of the biggest clubs in the world Sporting Lisbon in Portugal. He has trained the youth Portugal national team and travelled them throughout the world representing in various prestigious competitions. 
He leads a team of licensed Indian coaches and technical staff with foreign exposure to enhance the skillsets of our players.

● The RFC Residential Academy provides our players with 360° development that they need to pursue a career in football. We have partners all over the country in helping us create the ecosystem. Please click on ecosystem link to learn more.

● With the kind of diverse players and requests that the RFC Residential Football Academy receives, we have had to make provisions for all types of admissions and cases. There is a set fee structure, however, just the ability to meet that doesn’t guarantee a spot. We take into consideration the past record of the player, his current skill level and gauge the pathway that he would like to be on in terms of pursuing football as a career.  We have come across students with the skill and mental disposition to be fantastic players, but who do not have the monetary backing to go the distance. In such cases, our team does look at partial scholarship on a case-by-case basis. After all, we do not pay attention to where a player comes from, but only look at their potential and passion towards the game.  

● RFCFA will be competing in U 13, U 15 and U 18 I league. The talented individuals will get to play in RFC. We also have tie ups with I league teams all over the country. The athletes will be given scouting opportunities to play in foreign conditions to increase the exposure and contribute towards continuous learning and improvement.  As per the senior team, if the individual is talented his profile will be sent for screening for all the top I league and ISL clubs in the country and RFCFA will take care of their representation and wellbeing. 

● There is a nutrition program in place which is managed by our Nutrition Specialist. This basically includes 6 meals a day. The menu will be different for vegetarians. The diet will be designed in a way of grooming professional athletes. We also look at imparting knowledge on the food that is being consumed so that the athletes are educated and understand what is going to their body. 

● There will be a 24hr guard at the facility. Also, general CCTV surveillance will be in place. This is inside a gated community and a warden is always there at the facility.

● Scholarship details only provided once the player attends the trials and selected.

● Available slots U 13 – 20 | U 15 - 20 | U 18 – 25 | and U 22 - 20

● Players will be provided with ● Two pairs of jerseys ● One pair of track suits ● 2 pairs of stockings ● 2 polo tee shirts ● 1 kit bag and ● 1 sipper 

● Once the player is injured the coach at the facility will guide the player on the necessary steps. The rehab and the injury management cost are to be borne by the parent/avail a sports insurance coverage which will cover the medical bills.

● Yes, the player has to go through a medical examination and also provide a birth certificate

● Yes, the player will have to come to the Academy in order to go through trials.

● The players will join the Academy at the beginning June of every academic year

● Yes, the parents are welcome to watch the training sessions while they come to visit their kids with prior approval of the coaches.

● Yes, every individual player goes through goes through training in respect to his playing position on the field. Goalkeepers, Strikers, Midfielders and Defenders go through separate training modules other than blanket coaching.

● No, since it is a Residential Academy the current location of the player does not matter.

● Once the athlete is registered and the first instalment is paid, 1. Registration of the player with RFCFA (Birth certificate and Aadhar to be provided  2. Size of the kitting for the players must be given to the management 3. The athlete must enrol in the desired educational institution 4. Assigning of the athlete to the dorm 5. Confirmation on the date of the arrival of the athlete

● Every student goes through 9 to 18 hours of training per week depending on Off- season, Pre-season, Preparation period and Competition week. 

● We accept payment by cheques, bank wire transfer, or credit card. The payment is made in two instalments during the academic year 

● Weekends are off depending on the season of training; the student can choose to go home then. Winter and Summer vacation spans for about two weeks and eight weeks respectively. (This is subject to change depending on the competitions)

● We will do the necessary paperwork required showing the admission to the academy. But the cost and approval process to be done from the athlete’s side.

● Quarterly progress reports regarding the football training will be sent to the parents via email. The academic reports will be sent according to the curriculum. The parents can get in touch with the Administrative officer, Warden or the Head Coach directly in case of any emergencies over phone /email 

● Talented individuals will be given a professional contract by the club/academy. ● The younger athletes will be given opportunity to play in I league. ● Once the transfer season starts and we get a requirement for a particular player we will handle the transfer and the nitty-gritties of the transfer and the future of the player. ● With continuous improvement our scouting team will define the growth and the future of the player among top clubs in India and across the world

● There are various scholarship programs available for the players. The players will be informed about the same after the trials. If the players have represented their State or the Country at any level, they will be eligible for direct scholarship. 

● The students can avail additional tutoring which will be arranged by the Academy. We need a month notice to arrange for the same. And the cost will be borne by the athletes.