An Expansive Residential Football Programme

RFC Girls Football Academy | Features

Designed to Fuel High Performance Player Development

7 Reasons to Consider RFC Football Academy

Sports-Science Driven Curriculum

  • Professional curriculum for holistic player development
  • Drills for agility, movement, endurance, speed & technical skills
  • Focus on young athletes’ physiological, psychological & performance development

Expert Coaching Team

  • Experienced national and European coaches
  • Interactive sessions with coaches, trainers, nutritionists and senior players
  • Specialized training formats and sport plans for every student
  • Player assessments & monthly feedback in 1:1 mentoring sessions

Immersive Football Programme

  • Technical, tactical & mental development at all stages of the game
  • Active peer-learning on & off the field
  • Upto 40 matches facilitated per year against professional & academy teams

Academic Partner Support

  • Complete curriculum options like IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE and State-levels
  • Accredited partner schools in close proximity to the academy
  • International exchange programmes

Vibrant & Positive Environment

  • Positive environment with peers & seniors to learn and improve skills
  • Timely peer-training and interactions, individual counsel and a culture of inclusivity

World-Class Sports Facilities

  • 11-a-side natural turf football ground
  • 6-a-side natural turf football ground
  • High-performance gym with full-time trainers
  • Full-fledged swimming pool for recovery

Residential Facilities

  • Round-the-clock warden and staff, library & study centre
  • 24/7 security, high-speed Wifi, Recreational rooms and laundry services
  • Healthy & nutritional dining regime with separate veg & non-veg menus

Life at the Academy


  • On weekdays, the student-athletes’ lives revolve around training, football, academics and recreational activities. Through it all, they spend time with their peers, seniors and staff in an inclusive and supportive atmosphere.


  • Weekends are more free-ranging and focus on fostering camaraderie between players and students through leisure activities, competitive matches and team-building excursions to the city