RFC Girls Football Academy | Foreword

Integrating Academics with Innovative and Professional Football Training

Preetham Chandra

Managing Director - RFC Football Academy

“RFC Football Academy is a commitment to a purpose-driven learning environment in which student-athletes will master a broad range of skills and competencies. High performance defines our foundational approach to growth in a classroom and in a play. This will be further balanced with an emphasis on character development and social responsibility, which in entirety will prepare our student-athletes for success in their careers and through their lives.”

Marcos Anjos

Technical Director - RFC Football Academy

“High performance is not only about physical abilities. Our unique training programme builds a total athlete by incorporating additional modules in leadership, vision training, nutrition, mental toughness and body management. This continues into promoting player progression, character development, and overall personal development. Helping our players reach full potential in sport and life.”

N. A Haris

President - Karnataka State Football Association

"Any change in the current football ecosystem has to be driven by a bottom-up approach. Just by giving children the correct training and guidance while they are young, we can turn them into world-class players and take the football prowess of the nation ahead. RFC Football Academy is driving the future of football in the right direction."

M. P Swamy

Chairman - Bangalore District Football Association

“Football is reaching the hearts and minds of millions in the country. What India lacks is not talent but the right level of infrastructure, world-class training and the right guidance. RFC Football Academy is providing all that while taking care of all the needs of a young budding footballer and giving equal importance to both football and academics this is something that was missing in the system.”